How to make a perfect drawing under one day…

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When you have a concept for a drawing or make a penting , it takes a sort of a momentaneous vision in your mind. In your imagination it’s all the small print and appears completely fabulous. you simply ought to draw it to visualize it clearer! therefore you go and draw it, before you behave forever.

But it’s difficult to draw something you don’t really see. Actually, you don’t understand if you’re drawing it right before it’s finished. solely then you’ll be able to compare the results to your vision, and then it’s too late to fix anything.But without any guarantee you’ll do it justice this time. And it’s so frustrating putting so much effort into something only to fail!

But there’s a way to make your next try more productive. Moreover, it will make you better prepared for future drawings. If you want to know or scatch drawing, how to turn a bad drawing into a successful drawing in matter of hours, keep reading.

                                                                          How to begin
Just do what you meant to try to to anyway—draw your idea or make a penting ! You don’t ought to build it 100% finished, if it takes too long. you’ll be able to additionally use some older drawing with a cool plan and poor rendering that you’d wish to provide another likelihood to.

lets know more about pencil sketches …

This is Associate in Nursing previous drawing of mine. Let’s fake I’ve simply drawn it. I needed to draw a half-wolf, half-horse—a werehorse of a form. i used to be very curious what it might appear as if, and it gave American state the inspiration to draw.
It’s not a nasty drawing, not entirely. It shows the concept, it’s roughly correct anatomy. however it doesn’t matter what it’s like—what matters is what it absolutely was purported to appear as if in my mind.

Look at your drawing. does one like it? might it’s better? Let’s decide. build a listing of what you prefer and you don’t concerning yor drawing. Be terribly thorough and even harsh, if need be. Don’t fake to not see the mistakes you’re hangdog of—that won’t does one any smart.

How to drawing hd penting 


What I like:
It looks sort of a wolf-horse, there’s little question concerning it:

It looks terribly flossy.
The ears have a pleasant form.
The mouth appearance scary!
What I don’t like:
The cause appearance thus forced, so unnatural.
The picture is flat, even with all this shading or pencil painting.
The mouth has visibly wrong anatomy.
The fur around the legs covers my problem with drawing hooves.
The expression is unrealistic, very random.
It’s mostly a furry horse, there’s little wolf in it.
It doesn’t look very powerful.
It doesn’t look like a real animal.
Ok, so now we know what we did right in our  scatch drawing (art penting), and what should be fixed. So, put your shoulder to the wheel—we’re going to make it perfect soon!

Solve the Problems One by One
So what elements exactly failed in your drawing? Name them:

Dynamic horse pose
Dynamic wolf pose
Horse anatomy/3D form
Wolf anatomy/3D form
Horse head details and expressions
Wolf head details and expressions
Well, in my case it seems like a lot! Small wonder the picture doesn’t look very good. But it also means there’s room for improvement, so let’s work on these issues.We all can recognize a natural pose, but it’s harder to create it from imagination. The only way to imagine a natural pose for our character is to practice drawing natural poses from a reference first.

How to drawing hd painting 

References are really helpful in drawing, but they’re also limiting—you need to find exactly the pose you were imagining, and there’s a risk that nobody has took a photo of it yet. So for creative drawing it’s better to use references before getting to the actual work. You learn what natural means, and then you apply this to your creative pencil drawings or pictures drawing.

Find photos of your subject in natural, dynamic poses. You can use Google Images, Deviant Art, Pinterest—it’s your choice. Sketch the poses, analyzing them actively in the process. Don’t just copy what you see. You don’t want to create a nice pencil drawings yet—you want to learn what makes a good art penting or drawing.

Reduce the poses to simple shapes and proportions. You don’t need anything else to recognize a pose. Try to find some relation between the position of the individual parts of the body. Can you guess a position of one limb when looking at the other? Can you guess the curve of the back from the position of the legs? Ask such questions and answer them while sketch drawing or pencil sketches.


how to drawing hd penting, pencil art in india

How to drawing hd penting 


What you think?

Its messor to think that,is this possible for every begginers to draw a attractive art or scatch,Ok  i am tell you…. yes this is possible.
Come on, Its not defficult.just saw and learn how to make shadow , placement of particular thing like eyes,nose,mouth.

Now, first of all try to make some pratices, I will learn you again and again untill you also learn….

The term drawing is applied to works that vary greatly in technique. It has been understood in different ways at different times and is difficult to define. During the Renaissance the term ‘disegno’ implied drawing both as a technique to be distinguished from colouring and also as the creative idea made visible in the preliminary sketch.

The Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines drawing as:

‘the formation of a line by drawing some tracing instrument from point to point of a surface; representation by lines; delineation as distinguished from painting…the arrangement of lines which determine form.’

Despite this insistence on the formation of line and the implied lack of colour, few would deny that a work formed by dots or shading or wholly in line but in a range of colours is a drawing.

The following drawings, made in different ways, have been selected to help define and also to stretch the boundaries of what drawing is. They vary in the medium used, which includes metal-point, graphite, charcoal, ink, and chalk. Some fulfill the strict dictionary definition of drawing, others do not.

Why draw?

There are many different reasons why people draw:

  • to visualise thought and work something out
  • to provide a pattern to follow or give instructions how to make something
  • to describe or record something
  • to give pleasure as ends in themselves